Image Credit: Spiceworks

“The cloud-based Help Desk application is now available to companies of all sizes for free” says Spiceworks at its blog. Until today, the cloud version was available at the cost of $10/month. Not only that it will be free for all as of today, but paying customers have already been refunded whatever they paid so far.

“Even though it was priced very low, it still wasn’t accessible to many organizations… and that’s simply not okay with us.”

These are great news for companies and individuals who were looking for a powerful Help Desk application without the hassle on administrating the programs itself. Spiceworks cloud Help Desk is the fully featured version of the helpdesk section in Spiceworks self-hosted app. But instead of setting up the server yourself, The cloud version is hosted, maintained on Spiceworks servers, and of course they are no version to update.

  • The pros: are obviously no cost of ownership (there is nothing to install, maintain, upgrade etc). Just set up  your organization settings and you are ready to go.
  • On the downside, this is still Help Desk only solution. Anyone looking for the added features of Spiceworks self hosted solution such as IT services management, network scan, agents, monitors and alerts, etc, will not find them (yet) here. Of course – ODBC connection to the database for integration with external apps (such as Excel for reporting purposes), is still not available.

So, if you are, just like me, need the advanced options that the cloud version is still missing, you can still use the self-hosted version (it is also free of course).

Otherwise, Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk is really great and easy to setup, and it going free means great news for anyone looking for an online Help Desk solution.

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