Couple of weeks ago my boss and I needed to prepare a presentation to sum up the IT dept. activity for 2015.

We were given about 20 minutes to present, and we were the 7th in line, meaning 6 presentations are to come before ours.

Yep, that’s more than 2 hours of data, and numbers presented by other departments (all very important).

It was clear to us that we really need to do something different, a game, or task, that will get the audience to engage with us, or no one will listen.

That’s when my boss came with the idea to use Kahoot!

If you’re not already familiar with it, Kahoot! is a free, web based, interactive learning platform.

It allows you, in just a few clicks, to create multiple choice questions, thus making “learning” a game based experience.

Then, in time, you present the “Kahoot” (or set of questions) to your audience.

Each participant joins to the game using his own cell phone, a PIN number (provided when the Kahoot is launched”) and a nickname.

All your audience needs to do now, is to select the right answer to each question!

For example

To your right you can see a demo Kahoot question.

The right answer to the questions TheGeneralistIT is…

is, naturally, Brilliant, Informative, Fun o to read.

Therefor the participant will have to click on the red square with the triangle shape.

Score is obtained not only by clicking on the right answer, but of the speed.
The faster you click the higher the score. At the left side of the screen a timer is showing the seconds remaining to submit an answer.

Click to enlarge

In our presentation,we used Kahoot, at the second part of our presentation, as interactive quiz about our activity.

The questions were all made out of topics we showed at the first part.

The participant who got the highest score – won a 16GB Disk on Key. Very cool, isn’t it?

Bottom line? Our presentation was what everyone was talking about for the rest of the days (and in days to follow actually).

IMHO, Kahoot! is not just a learning platform, but also a great way to engage with your audience during presentation and I highly recommend it!

Oh! Did I mention it is free already?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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