If you’ve read my previous post “Work smarter not harder” then you already know I’m an XMind fan.

I use XMind heavily during projects planning, work plan preparations,
and documentation.
To be honest I use it combined with Evernote, but that it for another post.

XMind allows the user to visually display and map various aspects (topics)
of a project / task, display relationships and track task progress.

In turn, task information can be displayed as a Gantt chart (Pro version).

However, one of the problems with the gantt chart was that until recently,
all the mind map items were added to the gantt, regardless if they were
set up as tasks or not.

The result was a chart that wasn’t easy and clear to read, with a lot of
not relevant information (gantt wise).

Mind Map and Demo. Click to enlarge. Image Credit: xmind

Gantt chart Demo. Click to enlarge. Image Credit: xmind

XMind Task info and Progress. Click to enlarge.

In early November 2015 XMind released version 7 which introduced the option
to include only tasks  in the gantt chart.

To be honest, I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with this feature,

and how important and useful I think it is.

The result is clear, to the point gantt, without unnecessary topics from the mind map.

Additional major (IMO) Improvements in XMind 7

  • Multi-Page print.
    Printing large maps has become much easier in XMind 7.
    This new feature allow to print a single map on multiple papers,
    (horizontally or vertically) without any information loss.
  • New Timeline Template
    With this new template you can easily display a list of events in chronological order.
  • Copy and Paste an object style (no only content).
  • New visualizations: Shapes, boundaries, call-outs and  more.

The complete list of Version 7 new features can be found here

To summaries – I think the new features in XMind Version 7 are really great,
and I recommend the upgrade to all previous versions users.

If you are not already an XMind user, there is a free version you can try.
Download it here.


The new timeline template.
Image Credit: XMind.

Multi page print.
Click to enlarge.

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