Anyone who has ever built a website, wished Google will like it.
If Google likes you, then you’re on the front page, if you’re on the front page, you get traffic.
I’m no different, when I started I hoped to fight my way into Google’s first page.
At the beginning we treated each other with suspicion,
I published some content and Google was trying to make up his mind if his likes me, or not.
Then I published my post about fixing windows 10 update error 0x800705b4, and Google fell in love.
The post gained momentum, and tt wasn’t too long before Google ranked it as the #1 search result for the 0x800705b4 error code.
I was proud of myself.
Google claims that if you, as a site owner, focus on content, they will find you, and for me it was a proof of that
I do not pay, nor advertise to get traffic for
Everything is purely content driven, so ranking #1 just based on content that I published made me very happy.
I felt like I can cross an item off my bucket list (although I appreciate the comments on the post better).

#1 search result!

But, just as in any other relationship, when love involved it gets complicated…
When Google loves you, you rank higher in search results.
When you rank higher in search results, you get more traffic.
So, Google loving you=more traffic. And when you rank #1, it means TONS of traffic.
To be honest, I just wasn’t prepared. I mean, I hoped for it, but never imagined it will happen so quickly. 
The more popular the post was, and the more comments it got, Google just kept showing me love.
It didn’t take too long before my cPanel dashboard and monitoring tools switched from green to yellow to red as the server was trying to keep up.
As you may already know, user experience is not measured not only by quality content, and UI, but on the speed and responsiveness of the site. 
With degrading performance, it was clear to me that I had to show some love back.
The pest two weeks have been an ongoing effort to add more juice and resources to and less on publishing new content.
From adding resources to my hosting package, through adding cashing capabilities and CDN.
I have spent many hours (and some funds) to improve to speed and user experience.
I’m sorry if anyone encountered maintenance or errors while trying to access the site over the last two weeks.
However, I hope that with the recent improvements you’ll be able to enjoy with much better user experience.
On a personal note, this experience for me can be summarized as:
Be careful what you wish for – Google style, or simply be prepared.
Thank you for your feedback and support,
I hope you’ll find even more informative, and fun to read in the future.
Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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