So couple of days ago I was setting up my Office 365 Portal, and was looking to configure the OneDrive for Business client to the online storage space.

However, despite entering the correct username and password combination, installing the most recent version of OneDrive for Business, and making sure that no Firewall settings gets in the way, I kept getting the following error message: We can’t connect to the specified SharePoint Site…

After a while a Googling I have found the following working solution, which I hope will fix it for you as well

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Do you know the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business?

  • OneDrive is the personal, or a family oriented online storage service by Microsoft.
    It allows you to store, and access your files from anywhere. It also offers a “Camera Upload” feature that automatically syncs pictures and video files from your phone to your desktop.
  • Despite having a similar name, OneDrive for Business is not similar at all to OneDrive.
    OneDrive for Business (ONFB) is a SharePoint based enterprise class service, aiming to provide teams with a shared working space. With other business features in mind ONFB offers a central administration console, workflow support, improved search and metadata management.
    On the downside, SharePoint as a storage back-end does enforce its limitations, and with business orientation in mind, ODFB does not (at least currently) support the camera upload feature.

For a really good, detailed,  explanation about the difference between OneDrive and ONFB read this

The solution in a nutshell – For those of you looking for the bottom line

Use MS Office to setup the library connection, instead of the OneDrive for Business app.

Open any Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel etc.) , Click “add a place”, then Select Office 365 SharePoint.
Login with your username and password, and after successful login, you should be able to sync the SharePoint site with OneDrive for Business client.

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Detailed explanation – A step by step guide

Click on any image to enlarge.

Step #1

Open any Microsoft Office application (I’m using Word 2016 for this guide)
and from the File menu, click on “Add a Place”, then click on “Office 365 SharePoint”.

Step #2

When the Add a service dialog appears, enter you login information.
That is the email address and password you are using to login to Office 365.

Step #3

Verify that the new SharePoint site is now available as Save As location.

Step #4

Open Microsoft OneDrive for Business client.
The following window will appear.

Step #5

When the “Ready to sync…” message appears, select a local folder that will be the root folder for OneDrive sync.
Click sync now.

Step #6 – Profit!

That’s it, You’re all set.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business client is now connected to your Office 365 account.


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