I have what you may call a love-hate relationship with Elegant Themes Bloom plugin. I love it because it offers beautiful popups without having to deal with HTML, css, or any other aspects of coding. I hate it because it is either “my way or the highway” sort of a relationship. Good luck trying to use it in any other way that was intended by the developers.

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The Missing Piece

One of the features I miss the most, and to be honest I’m still can’t believe that it is actually missing, is the option to limit display of Opn-In forms (aka popups) only to guests, and hide them from logged on users. When I asked Elegant Themes support if such feature is available, they simply responded with “no”, but add a feature request, and maybe one day… However, being a problem solver by heart, I just couldn’t accept that answer and continued working for a solution to my request. Luckily I have found one and I’m happy to share it with you!

The Solution, In a Nutshell

For those of you looking for the bottom line, the workaround for displaying Bloom popups only for guests was to use an Inline popup shortcode with another free popup manager called Icegram. By choosing “Not logged in users” in Icegram targeting options I could control who sees the popup; Everyone, logged in, or logged out users.

In addition, using Bloom inline shortcode with Icegram, allows you to apply animation to otherwise non-animating Bloom inline forms.

But now I’m sure you’re asking, if you’re using Icegram, why do you even need Bloom in the first place? Simple. I’m using MailChimp as an autoresponder. And as Icegram documentation clearly states there are two options for integration Icegram with MailChimp.

  1. Use a shortcode provided by another mailing list plugin.
  2. Use HTML subscription form – This option requires some HTML, CSS and code editing and I simply didn’t want that.

Detailed approach

If you’re not an expert when it comes to Bloom or Icegram, don’t worry. I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to make the integration. But first, a quick word about Icegram. Icgream is known as one of the best WordPress plugin for optin forms, newsletter subscription, call to action and visitor engagement. The basic features are easy to use, and some advanced add-ons such as advanced animations amd templates are paid. For more information about Icegram, and free download click here. Note: For the purpose of this guide I’m using only the free features of Icegram.

Step 1 – Install both Bloom and Icegram plugins

  1. Icegram plugin can be downloaded for free here.
  2. Bloom is a premium plugin. If you already have a license, just install it on your website like any other plugin. Otherwise, click here to obtain your license at Elegant Themes site.

Step 2 – Create an optin form using Bloom

Follow Bloom documentation to create an inline popup according to your taste.

Step 3 – Create a New Icegram Campaign

From WordPress admin menu choose Icegram, and then new campaign. When the new campaign page opens, select a popup type to display the editor.

Step 4 – Add Bloom Inline Form to the Campaign

Use the Bloom integration button to add an inline form to your campaign. After you select the form, the editor will be updated and the shortcode will now appear in the editor. Note: Only inline and locked content are available in the window. If you have additional types of Bloom forms, they will not be available in the list.

Step 5 – Setup Targeting Options

By now your campaign animations and Bloom form are set up. So the last step will be to setup targeting: Pages, posts, and of course logged in / logged out users.

Step 6 – Profit

Publish your new campaign and enjoy the stream of leads going into your list.

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Bloom – Icegram combination provides a simple, yet effective, way to workaround Bloom targeting limitation. By applying the method described above you can use Bloom generated optin forms and target them better to your audience with having to write a single line of code. If you need further assistance applying the solution, just drop me a note (comment) and I’ll do my best to help. Cheers, Yasaf

Legal note: I’m an Elegant Themes affiliate and the link to Elegant Themes site is my affiliate link. If you choose to buy or subscribe to a paid service from Elegant Themes after clicking on a link in this post, I share some revenue.
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