Yesterday I was trying to update my Kindle store app on my Windows 10 PC.

Unfortunately, Windows has decided that I should fail, throwing the 0x803f7000 error code on me.

Simply put, the cause for this error is a corruption in the local store cache, and the solution for this error,

is to reset the store cache. Luckily resetting the store cache is an easy task to complete.

Step 1

Run wsreset as admin.

Click on the search icon next to the start menu icon, type wsreset, then right click the first result and select Run as administrator.

Step 2

A CMD window will appear, followed by the store window.

Wait for the CMD window to close, then close the store app, wait for 5 seconds and open the store again.

You should now be able to update / install apps without any problems.

Good luck.

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