If you are a PMP aspirant, looking to obtain your PMP certification, the let me welcome you and assure you you’re in the right place. The PMP certification has, and to some extend for a good reason, a reputation of being very difficult to obtain.

While this is not the easiest  certificate to obtain, let me reassure you that obtaining a PMP certification is not “mission impossible”, and in fact with proper understanding  of the process, and preparation, it is quite possible to pass the PMP exam and obtain the PMP certificate at your first attempt.

Having just recently passed the PMI audit and PMP exam I have decided to share my personal experience as well as personal study notes, in order to assist PMP aspirants  in the efforts.

The “Obtaining a PMP Certificate – Practical Guide and Study Notes” series of posts includes TONS of free content and resources that will greatly assist you in your journey.

Good luck!