Don’t you just love it when good things become great?

I do, and lucky for me, Elegantthemes team has just released version 3 of their powerful, most flexible WordPress theme. 

The best feature in the version (IMHO) is the visual builder, which takes the “good old” Divi builder, to a whole new level of real-time, online content editing right at the front-end.


Minimum reversions, greater speed, better results. 

Check out the DIVI 3 visual builder video preview below.

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Is it perfect?

Divi 3 visual editor is not yet perfect, and have found some issues still in need for attention, but for first public version, it is very very impressive and works like a champ.

For example – there are some issues with inline script objects, that the editor can’t display.
Attached is an image of this post taken while using the visual builder, the movie and the ad units which are script based are not shown at all.

I have also found that when using modules with negative margins, it is sometimes difficult to select them using the visual editor, as they overlap.

However, just one day after the public availability of DIVI 3, Elegantthemes team had already released an update package to address several other issues, and I have full confidence that these issues will also be addressed soon.


The bottom line

DIVI has been, for years, my default theme for new sites, thanks to the powerful “Divi Builder”.

This recent updates takes an already great builder to a whole new level of flexibility.

Backed up by Elegantthemes support team, I think that Divi’s visual builder is the best content editor for WordPress today.

To get your copy of Divi 3 themes, and Divi visual editor – click here


Disclaimer: I’m an Elegantthemes affiliate, and the links above are my affiliate links. If you choose to purchase Divi theme after click one of the above links, I share some revenue with the publisher.

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