In recent years, Internet secure VPN services are becoming more and more popular.
Main reasons are online privacy protection, and the ability to access global content based on Geo-localization.

I have tested and used more than handful VPN providers over the last year, and I found VyprVPN to be the best service in terms of ease of setup, and speed. Based on my results Using VyprVPN even with the strongest encryption has very little effect on my browsing speed (tested on my home PC and iPhone).

While comparing VPN service providers is a topic for another post, I can honestly say that VyprVPN is my own personal favorite. This is based on the quality of support and the vast support for devices and operating systems (they even have a native app for Tomato based VPN routers!)

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Recently I have decided to try using a Windows phone and put my hands on Microsoft flagship – a dual SIM Lumia 950 XL running Win 10 Mobile. While my experience with this phone is out of the scope of this post, I will say, however, that my main reason for trying it was that I use my phone mostly for work (emails, text messages, and office docs). Hence, I said to myself, what can be more natural than using Microsoft’s pride for that?

To my disappointment, despite an impressive device support by VyprVPN, Windows phone is not officially supported.

BUT, I will never let something as minor as “official” support to hold me back, and after some trial and error I have come up with a work around.

As a side note, while this workaround works, keep in mind that unlike other VPN protocols supported by VyprVPN such as OpenVPN and Chameleon, PPTP VPN offers no encryption. So it is up to you to decide if you actually want to apply this workaround, or not.

In a nutshell – Manually setup PPTP VPN connection.

The bits and bytes

  1. Under Phone Settings open VPN
  2. Click “Add a VPN connection”

3. For provider choose “Windows (built-in)”.

4. Choose a server from the list of available servers and enter his name or IP address.

5. Set “VPN Type” to “PPTP VPN”

6. Set “Type of sign in info” to Username + Password

7. Enter your Username and Password
8. Optionally, choose to save your login info
9. Save your settings.

10. To connect, click on the connection name, then click connect.
11. Wait for the “Connected” message


By applying this manual setup workaround you can get VyprVPN to work on your Windows 10 phone.

Again, keep in mind the security limitation, but if you are in need for private, or specific geo based Internet access while browsing from your mobile phone, this is the solution for your.

If you are still unsure, you can always create a FREE VyprVPN account and try it out before signing up for a full account.

Legal Note: The above link is my VyprVPN affiliate link.

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