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The Ultimate WordPress Security toolbox, for beginners

by | Sep 8, 2017


There is no doubt in my mind that CloudFlare is the best choice as DNC service for your WordPress site.
Using CloudFlare with your WordPress site will hide your real IP address, it will also add a layer of security with the built in firewall and speed up your website performance with powerful acceleration option.

Cloudflare basic account is totally free, and is a perfect fit for the majority of WordPress users.

WordPress Security Plugins

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WordPress Authentication Keys and Salts

It is wise every once in a while to generate new security keys and salts to protect your WordPress site.
You can generate news keys easily using WordPress Authentication Keys and Salts generator. 
Once you generated the new keys, simply replace the old once in your wp-config.php file.

Disable Comments

Comments can be great as a source for interaction in your site, but they can also be a source for SPAM.
If you do not need to allow comments, simply use the disable comments WordPress plugin to disable them completely.

WordPress Backup Service

  • managewp.com is a great service for managing all your WordPress site in one place.
    Even if you have only one site, the ease of use of this management tool is highly recommended.
    The free version comes with a monthly backup, which you can upgrade to a daily backup at the cost of $2 per months, this is crazy cheap!
  • Blogvault is also a great backup service for WordPress. At the cost of $9 per month you can backup your site to a remote location.

I have used both of these services with great success and I recommend them without a doubt.
Whatever you do, DO NOT save your backup copy at your hosting account! It’s like putting all the eggs in the same basket.

Site Scanner

Periodically verify that your site is clean using sucuri free site scanner.
Simple enter your site url and press “scan website”.

You can never be too sure, right?

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