BackupExec to Netbackup Migration

After several years of using BackupExec as the primary backup solution,
we’ve scaled out of its capacity by growing to more than 130 servers and 10TB of front-end data.


  • Project main goals were to replace BackupExec with a new solution that will fit our current on future needs, maximize past investments, and reduce COO (specifically the time needed to monitor and correct backup job completion).
  • The first step was to conduct market research.The focused was on solutions whom were dominate at the local market in terms of implementation and long-term support.
  • After reviewing several solutions, a decision was made, based on the factors specified above, to proceed with Netbackup.
  • The selected topology was media (backup) server at each site, with data replication between sites, so that each backup will be stored on disk at at least two places for a retention period of one month, and then duplicated to tapes.
  • Benefites
    • Short implementation time (about three months to complete full transition).
    • Relatively short learning curve (few weeks).
    • $15K/year savings on tapes backup and external storage (NetBackup has allowed us to replicate to tapes only at the main sites, instead of each site, reducing the number of tapes, and tapes transit cost).
    • Savings of about 1/2 sysadmin position in terms of time needed to manage backup jobs and fix failed job.

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