Implementing a Document Management System for Venture Capital

Project goal was to establish an end-to-end solution for document management:E-filing,version control,meta data management,review and approval workflows, and to eliminate duplicates
  • The major challenge I faced was that end-users didn’t want to manually enter meta-data for each document, and most of the time they wanted to file email correspondence with the rest documents.
  • The solution provided was based on SharePoint mail-enabled document libraries. The end-users simply had to send/forward the documents / emails they wanted to file to the relevant library.
  • In order to automatically enter meta-data to the document library we have developed a filing menu to outlook client. Before sending to email to the library the end user would select the type of document and other relevant meta data, and add keywords to the email subject as suffix.
  • We then setup a workflow to search for the keywords, strip them put of the mail subject, attach them to the proper metadata fields, then check-in the email and attached documents.
The result was a simplified filing solution that reduced duplicated and improved version control. Based on SharePoint document indexing feature document retrieval was also simplified as it became much easier to search for documents based on keywords / content.
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