Implementing McAfee SaaS anti-Spam Solution

The purpose of this project was to replace a poorly performing Safenet (eSafe) anti-spam solution. Huge amount of junk got in and lots of non-junk email items got blocked.
  • Project goals
    • Quite! We wanted to dramatically reduce the amount of incidents regarding SPAM
    • Reliable product
    • Ease of management
  • Market research and product comparison – The alternatives we have checked
    • In house solutions – Iron port and PineApp
    • Hosted – Iron Port, Mcafee
  • Points towards making the decision
    • Not a LoB IT Solution
    • Pricing
    • Backup /redundancy
    • Ongoing Maintenance and support

Based on the above a decision was made to go with McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity.

  • Preparations & Going Live – Few simple steps were needed
    • Setting up Mcafee Control Panel
    • Setting Next host from Mcafee to Exchange
    • Updating Mx Records
    • Updating NAT for SMTP traffic
    • Receive Connector (Exchange side)
    • Scanning Outgoing mail (smarthost)
    • Demoting safenet mail traffic rules
    • Removal of safenet hardware
It took us 2-3 to complete the setup procedures. The solution was up and running really in no time, and the results are amazing! We dropped incidents raised regarding email getting blocked, or SPAM getting in by 80%.
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