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Obtaining a PMP Certificate – Practical Guide and Study Notes

If you are a PMP aspirant, looking to obtain your PMP certification, the let me welcome you and assure you you’re in the right place.

The PMP certification has, and to some extend for a good reason, a reputation of being very difficult to obtain.

While this is not the easiest  certificate to obtain, let me reassure you that obtaining a PMP certification is not “mission impossible”, and in fact with proper understanding  of the process, and preparation, it is quite possible to pass the PMP exam and obtain the PMP certificate at your first attempt.

But first, you may be wondering why should you listen to me? I guess that’s a fair question.

I’ve been managing IT projects in various size and complexity levels since 1998. You can review some of them at my resume page. Late in 2015 I have decided to obtain my PMP certificate, as part of personal development process.

I have passed the PMP exam on my first attempt, and before that I was “lucky” enough to be selected to the PMI audit.

In this series of posts regarding the process of obtaining a PMP certificate I will outline the my own personal experience of obtaining the certificate from early registration, to the actual day of the exam.

I will also share some of the resources I have used and helped me a lot in the process.

If you are wondering why am I writing  this series, the answer is simple. I found a lot of material online during my studies. The problem wasn’t finding content and study aids. The problem was finding GOOD ones, with up to date references, and info, and with reasonable pricing (or free ones).

With this series on information I hope to provide other aspirants such as you with quality, first hand, content to help you pass the PMP exam. You will have access to my insights, experience and my study notes, which I hope will help you in your process.

It took a lot of effort putting this series together (as I’m sure you’ll soon see). Please share your thoughts and comments on the posts for the benefit of the greater good, as this helps the content to remain fresh and up to date for future PMP aspirants.

I’m personally reviewing, and replying on every comment.

Thanks in advance.

PMP Study Notes – Chapter 6, Schedule Management, Part 2

PMP Study Notes – Chapter 6, Schedule Management, Part 2

Obtaining a PMP Certificate series. Study notes for chapter 6, Project Schedule Management – Part 2: Estimate activity resources, estimate activities duration, develop Schedule, control schedule, and PMI Spirit. This post also covers: Three Points Estimation, reserve analysis, critical path, critical chain, schedule network analysis and schedule compression.

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