Spotlight on Blockless SmartDNS and VPN

Blockless service lets you browse without borders, while ensuring a safe and secure Internet experience.

It is as easy as creating an account and updating your DNS settings. Follow the Spotlight video below for detailed instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use SmartDNS or VPN?

Absolutely! Both SmartDNS and VPN are legal services to use.

How much does Blockless Cost?

Blockless is very affordable service, with monthly, semi-annual and annual subscription plans.

  • Monthly subscription: $4.95/m.
  • Semi Annual: $27.25 ($4.54/m – 7% off), paid every 6 months.
  • Annual: $49.95 ($4.16/m – 16% off!), paid every year.
What devices are supported by Blockless?

Blockless supports a wide list of devices including game consoles, mobile devices, routers and of course windows and MAC computers.

For a complete list visit Blockless setup guide section.

What is Blockless Smart Guard and Should I Turn it on?

Blockless Smart Guard is an add-on feature to Blockless SmartDNS.

If provides an extra layer of security and privacy by protecting your from intrusive content, internet ads & popups, viruses, spyware and more.

As a result of this, you will actually see increased browsing speeds due to large graphics not having to load up.

Smart Guard is currently at Beta phase and provided free of charge to all active users, therefor I strongly recommend to turn it on.

Can I use Blockless from multiple locations?

Yes. You can use Blockless from multiple locations, for example at home, visiting a friend or traveling.

However you can use Blockless only from one location at the same time, as your account is synced to your location once you login.

Can I use Blockless on multiple devices?

Yes. You can use Blockless on any supported device. However, If you have multiple devices in one location (PC, Smart TV, game console) you may want to setup your router instead.

What regions do you support?

Blockles currently offers simulation of 21 regions including: United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and many EU countries.

You can check out the complete list here.

How do I Refresh My Account IP Address?

You need to refresh your account IP address only of you change location, or the IP address provided by your ISP changes.

  • If you are using Blockless client, with the auto-sync feature turned on (as shown in the Spotlight video) then you don’t need to do anything manually.
  • If you are using a router setup – follow this article to refresh your account IP address.

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